Estate Planning

As we age, it becomes more apparent how important having some sort of estate plan is. Creating an estate plan prior to your passing will not only help mitigate challenges for your loved ones after your passing but also ensures that your assets are distributed to heirs according to your agenda.

Contrary to common perception, estate planning is much more than transferring property at death. As we frequently see with a lack of planning altogether, or a lack of planning beyond the basics, can lead to tragic results. Proper estate planning can provide you are cared for as you wish during a disability, can encompass passing non-financial wealth like values and goals to children, grandchildren, and in some cases, generations beyond. Through estate planning you can also incentivize descendants to seek higher education and/or remain active in religion; you can reward them for pursuing occupations you deem important; you can teach the importance of philanthropy and charitable giving; and, in most cases, you can leverage your lifetime of hard work into a legacy for your family, the local community and beyond.

Our estate planning techniques are specifically designed to maximize wealth, minimize taxes, plan for future generations, pass on values and protect beneficiaries.

Our unique, comprehensive approach is what sets our firm apart. Whether you are creating your estate plan for the first time, or are looking to integrate your existing plan in a strategic way with the rest of your wealth planning, We have the rare ability to see the whole picture and the diligence, integrity and follow-through to help you plan for the future.

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