Mission Driven

Our mission is simple, it’s to make a meaningful difference in the financial lives of our clients and community every day. We fulfill our mission through comprehensive Retirement, Estate & Tax planning strategies to help our clients retire with confidence. We hold educational workshops on various financial topics to educate our community. Our mission is to help the people of the Antelope valley be prepared for their retirement and pursue their dreams.

We are a little different. The KFG Way guides our decision-making process, and challenges us with the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Here are Principles that drive us:

  • We are intensely loyal to our clients, and pride ourselves on a remarkable, first class client experience.
  • We are active, intimate participants in our clients’ financial lives. This means we sit side by side with our clients, considering a comprehensive view of their financial lives that goes beyond a typical Financial Advisor relationship. We incorporate goals, values, real estate, business interests, debt, philanthropy and family financial matters.
  • We never charge for an appointment, consultation or review.
  • We are active in the community, giving back through our donation program.
  • Our investment decisions are guided by each client’s personal goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, economic conditions, personal values, and a desire to achieve absolute returns.
  • We adhere to Fiduciary Duty, required by law to place our client’s best interests first.