Successful financial planning comes from maintaining a disciplined planning process and utilizing a dedicated team of specialists who understand that Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, Estate Planning, and Investment Strategies should be evaluated and managed collectively. We have created a customized, comprehensive and systematic process to identify each client’s current situation and position them to be able to capitalize on potential opportunities for the future.

We focus on tax mitigation and increasing retirement income throughout the process to preserve and enhance the wealth you have created and build a retirement plan for you to follow going forward. We start with a solid foundation, were we help you maximize your guaranteed income sources. Then we look to protect your retirement nest egg while planning for future changes in taxation and market conditions. We are then able to invest for the long term and structure your assets to leave a legacy to your loved ones.

We believe in having multiple buckets of money, each allocated appropriately with a focus on your unique time horizons, income needs and risk profile. This allows you to be much more cost and tax efficient in managing your retirement. The goal is to set up your portfolio in a way that you will not have to liquidate your investments at the wrong time and help you sleep comfortably through volatile markets. When there are large corrections, we want our clients to say "I may not be happy with the markets, but I don't have to worry."

Many Services. One Location.

We believe in utilizing the expertise of a team of specialists. With Investment Advisor Representatives, a Certified Public Accountant and Estate Planning Attorney all working together for you at one location. You benefit from a team approach where no one is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

This unique integrated approach to financial planning allows us to provide you with a more comprehensive, holistic approach to your financial life, while reducing overall costs to you. And our model combines the services you need to fully address your financial planning needs.

We Have A Fiduciary Responsibility to YOU.

We are Fiduciaries. We are held to the Fiduciary Standard. Among other important things, Fiduciary Duty says that the client’s best interest comes first - before our best interest or those of our firm or staff. Attorneys and Trustees are well known for serving as Fiduciaries; so, do we.