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Kelly Financial Group has been serving the hard working families of the Antelope Valley since 1995. Mike Kelly saw the need to protect families’ incomes, assets, and retirement dreams. With a background in consumer finance, venture capital, tax preparation, and small business startups, he founded a company that would help families and businesses successfully navigate complex financial strategies.

Over the last few decades, we have experienced dramatic changes in the economy and have worked diligently to ensure our clients would not only survive, but prosper. We have expanded our practice through these extreme economic cycles, creating a team of specialists to ensure that all of our client’s financial needs are met. Our client base has grown in both good and bad markets, proving that we understand the needs and desires of the wonderful people who live here in the Antelope Valley.

Ways you Benefit by Choosing Kelly Financial Group

You’re busy. We understand that, but you cannot ignore your financial life. With our guidance, you’ll get your arms around your finances. We’ll do this together by taking a detailed inventory of your assets, resources, and goals. You’ll get a clear picture of where you are and what you need to do in order to work towards your desired outcome. You get answers to your questions and an education that will empower you to take control of your financial future. You’ll have access to workshops and client events that provide clarity about our economic and tax environment. Together, we take the worry out of your money.

You receive a customized plan that places you on the proper path to track your financial goals. Your plan is then reviewed and revised through a series of scheduled meetings to ensure your ability to adapt to changing economic conditions and personal events. Asset accumulation, taxation, retirement, and estate planning are just a few of the challenges we’ll overcome together. Our team of specialists work to co-ordinate all areas of your plan so you will receive all of the benefits you’re legally entitled to.

You can expect and enjoy the caring client service that the KFG family is known for.

Experience The Kelly Financial Group Difference

As an investment advisor representative with SCF Investment Advisors, our legal responsibility is to our clients, not any company. We our held to a fiduciary standard, This mandates that we place you, the client, first while allowing us to maintain our integrity and reputation. You receive more than just investment recommendations. We provide true financial planning with an ongoing comprehensive analysis of your complete portfolio. We identify the risks you’ll face in retirement and together we meet them head on.

Our comprehensive approach evaluates all of your retirement income sources, including pension, social security, PERS, FERS, STRS and other sources of guaranteed lifetime income enabling us to maximize your income while increasing your overall net worth. Strategic planning also gives us the ability to take advantage of all the tax and investment knowledge available. This allows us to keep your conservative investments truly safe while enabling your aggressive investments to perform to their maximum potential.

We have an established succession plan in place. We will be there to walk you to and through retirement so you don’t have to worry about your advisor retiring before you do. You will always matter to our firm.

Our Team